What are premium rate services?

Premium rate services are such facilities that you avail by paying from your phone bill or credit. Voting for a contestant in a TV show, subscribing to your daily horoscope and performing in-app purchases are all examples of such services. An International Premium Rate Number, infrequently shortened as IPRN, is a telephone number which normally brings about a higher guest cost than a consistent landline or settled number.


Do I need to register at IPRNtel?

Yes, it is mandatory for all users to register at IPRNtel. The registration is completely free; you will be asked a series of general questions after which you will receive an email confirming your registration at IPRNtel. All your information is confidential.


How to sign up at IPRNtel?

Signing up at IPRNtel is completely free and easy to understand. Just add us on skype and send us the required details:


  • An username, don’t worry your user name is not your brand name.
  • Set a password for your account.
  • Your correct email address. (This is important as we will use your email to get in touch with you)


How do I sign in to IPRNtel?

Simply click on sign in option written on the top right corner of our website home page, write your user name and password and if they are inserted correctly you will be directed to your profile.


I forgot my password, what should I do?

Don’t fret, you can easily recover it. Please contact us through Skype or email address that you gave us during signing up at our website. A password reset link or the password will be sent to your email address or the Skype, which will enable you to recover your password.


What happens when I sign in?

Once you sign in you will direct towards your dashboard. This is your personal profile which is filled with many features that will enable you to work efficiently. You will notice many different options at the left corner of your profile, which will include numbers, live calls, access check, reports and stats etc. these are there to help you to request numbers, to manage your account, keep an eye on your clients and payments.


Do you take back any numbers from me?

Yes, of course. If we see that they are unused, we take them back and you will be notified. Any minutes done on these numbers will be credited to your account automatically. Of course you can always reorder new numbers. That is no problem at all!


Do you offer live statistics?

Yes, our live statistic is updated constantly.


Do you have numbers ready to go?

Yes, of course.


What are CDR reports?

A CDR is a ‘Call Detail Record’ that holds the complete information of all the calls received, their duration, their origin and their payment.


What is the first thing I should do after making my account?

You don’t need to fill in more details as your account after sign up is ready to use. You can start sending traffic.


What is a SWIFT code?

The “Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication” code is a unique number assigned to each bank that allows overseas banks to locate them easily and hence allowing them to transfer money in their accounts. It consists of 8-11 characters.


Do I need to put in my SWIFT code?

Yes, it is crucial. Since all our money transfer will occur online, the swift code of your bank is necessary to help us transfer your money into the right account.

How do I find the swift code of my bank?

  • You can call your bank and ask for their swift code
  • The swift code to your bank is written on your checks.
  • There are many online sites by which you can find the proper swift code for your specific bank.


What should I check on my profile every day?

You should check our rate card every day, though the prices may not change each day it is good to keep yourself aware.


What is an IVR?

Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) is a technology that allows callers to interact with a company’s communications system over the telephone. Interactive voice response or IVR is a unique piece of tech that is a sort of recording that may attend your calls for you.


How do I sign out of my profile?

Click on the icon on the top right corner of your dashboard.


I am hesitant about sharing my financial information at IPRNtel?

IPRNtel ensures the complete privacy of their users, your billing information and private data is completely secure. Our team constantly works on setting up the essential security measures necessary to protect our site from being hacked. We guarantee the safety of our client’s information.


How does it help to have my own profile at IPRNtel?

Having your own account helps to keep things ordered. Your income, clients and payments are all neatly organized in one place.


Does IPRNtel charge for its services?

Yes IPRNtel charges a small fee for its services. The revenue obtained goes to the service provider and IPRNtel, in return IPRNtel aids its clients by directing more traffic towards their business and promoting their idea.


Will IPRNtel aid me in providing services?

We may advise our clients and help promote their business as to connect with more people but you are solely responsible for the quality of your services and the maintenance of your business. IPRNtel only assures the privacy of our clients and timely payments.


What income will be gained from an international premium call?

The international premium rate calls charge more from the subscribers, but the revenue share varies regularly. IPRNtel will constantly update you about the new rate sheet; it can also be seen on our TARIFF page.


What does it mean if my payment is delayed?

Your payment may be delayed due to several reasons, either there is suspicious activity on your account that may indicate hacking or fraud, in which case IPRNtel will suspend your pay until they have properly looked into the matter or IPRNtel and associated carriers have not received their share on time.


Payments are accepted in which currency?

The accepted currencies at IPRNtel are EUR and USD.


What billing cycle follows in Payouts?

Weekly: Credit note will generate every Monday for the time period of previous “Monday 00:00:00 to Sunday 23:59:59”.

Weekly payments are based on following cycles:
01 – 07 production time, payment on day 08
08 – 15 production time, payment on day 16
16 – 22 production time, payment on day 23
23 – EOM production time, payment on day 01 of following month.

This means on the 8th, 16th, 23rd and 1st of every month is payday.

Can the service receiver ask for a refund?

This depends on the service provider but generally a person cannot demand a refund if the purchase was authentic unless there were restrictions placed previously. If someone has any complaint they may simply contact their service provider directly. IPRNtel is not responsible for the inadequacy of the provider.


Will it charge more to take international calls?

International premium rate service calls charge more than standard calls. The income is then shared between IPRNtel, the carriers and the service provider.


Does IPRNtel guarantee the quality of work from its service providers?

No, IPRNtel does not guarantee the quality of work by its service providers but our team is constantly on alert of frauds or scam artists and works on immediately closing such accounts, also we encourage people to contact us if they are unsatisfied or suspect any unethical behaviour.


What are the preferred payment methods at IPRNtel?

The preferred payment methods at IPRNtel are either by Bank transfer, PayPal, Money Gram or SAED Exchange. If you have any further queries we encourage our users to contact us immediately, simply send us an email or on Skype and we’ll respond back as soon as we can.