About Us

IPRNtel Group of companies is a true international hybrid media and telecoms organisation.
IPRNtel has developed to wind up an outstanding and regarded pioneer in the discount broadcast communications business. With a wide and varied product range. IPRNtel has services to offer to anybody in the telecom or international media spheres.

We support in excess of 8000 clients overall offering more than 250 premium terminations on an income share premise offer with the best rates and access possible. We have developed, mindful and experienced staff to direct you.

IPRNtel is actively involved in retail voice business. The company was founded from a management with years of experience in the telecom market. Versatility of the offered VoIP terminations allows us to be pointed towards customer’s needs. We are able to work on direct terminations, top quality routes and personalized routes to offer a perfect mix between price and quality.

We have been selected as a partner by numerous international carriers so reseller can take advantage of our telecom services and grow up with us. You can confidently expect more smart innovations and useful solutions for your future needs. At IPRNtel, we fully understand your business and know how important it is for you and your clients to get support when you most need it
A team of experienced and committed professionals ensures that the service is satisfactory and impeccable. We also make sure that the service available to all our clients is round the clock and accessible easily.